musica Rev.D

– Overdrive under the name of music –

Music has revived people’s hearts all the time.
The overdrive pedal ”musica” was named after music and made for players who create impressions with insatiable spirits of inquiry.

The successor of musica with new tuning is musica Rev.D.

Based on musica which has been developed on the concept of a pedal that meets the demands both as a booster and as a overdrive and is easy to handle, we explored a new possibility in cooperation with some musicians.

Though the middle range is a feature of musica, Rev.D is a overdrive with a wide range whose stereophonic effect is enhanced by emphasizing the low and low middle range and making changes to the quantity and quality of distortion.

Please experience the new musica sound which we spent a long time for and devoted our energies to.

・True Bypass

・Controls : Gain, Treble, Volume

・Terminals : 1/4″ phone jacks

・Current consumption : approx. 7mA

・Power supply : 9 volt battery [006P], AC adapter

・Dimensions : approx. W79mm x D120mm x H63mm [incl. protuberances like knobs, switches, jacks, etc.]

・Weight : approx. 11oz


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