CRAFTROS Spiritus fuzz

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

Cats are thought of as immortal beings with nine lives, and it means that being curious to the point that it would kill a cat like that is dangerous.
When trying to produce something new, something always comes to mind when working hard.
Why seek something out in spite of that?
The mind shivers in admiration for the unknown instead of fear.
I want to see the scenery over there.
Isn’t it the same for everyone who won’t stop pursuing an ideal sound?
So as to fulfill a wandering spirit, the fragments of my spirit are inside this box.
At some point, people added this passage to the saying.
“The cat satisfied its curiosity and came back to life.”

CRAFTROS Spiritus fuzz

This fuzz pedal has a stable usability with an outstanding overdrive.

Its sharpness has a moderate mellowness, and it is balanced with a broad coverage, from playing the guitar as the main focus, to band ensembles.

For the tone control in the 12 o’clock position, the active EQ is flat, and with some excellent adjustment to the circuit, we concentrated on intuitively drawing out the wanted sound while making use of the entire rotational range.

Spiritus provid trackability for the guitar volume and also a one knob EQ that will not fail no matter what position it is in so it won’t get too muffled even when turned down, and it won’t sound weak even with turned up settings.

Original designed aluminum enclosure, elaborate circuit design and high quality parts produce low noise.

CRAFTROS Spiritus fuzz

・True Bypass

・Controls : Fuzz, Tone, Volume

・Terminals : 1/4″ phone jacks

・Current consumption : approx. 18mA

・Power supply : 9 volt battery [006P], AC adapter

・Dimensions : approx. W78mm x D124mm x H66mm [incl. protuberances like knobs, switches, jacks, etc.]

・Weight : approx. 1lb